Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Talenthrone..!

This space is for all those who have a dream that has been either long forgotten or kept in the back of the mind. We are here to make dreams come true. Talenthrone is the right platform for all the people to endorse their passion, work on their hobbies and uniqueness that their talent holds. On this platform, people can be themselves, keep their interests alive, and allure the right audience through their creativity. Live your dreams with us. Talenthrone is an online portal where anybody can exhibit their talent. Be a writer, or bring your nightingale out, show your dance moves or capture the most beautiful moments of life… and then display here..on Talenthrone. A picture, video or audio is all you need to shine, to be a name that is remembered by masses..!!!!! Earn the praise that you deserve and better yet, get the chance to earn money as well… You can be anything that you want to be, this space is limitless for you. We take your passion seriously. It is - Our Will, Your Skill…!!

Still have some questions?

Feel free to ask any question regarding registration and Talenthrone regarding question.

Talenthrone is an initiative for the people who have dreams and aspirations but not the means to fulfill them. Talenthrone is also about the people who are looking for fresh talent. This could be just the place for what YOU are looking for. Talenthrone is a one stop solution for everyone’s need. We are giving opportunities to the people who want to exhibit their talent. Also, the people in the need of such talent will also have a place where they can see, judge and make query for the talent before hiring.
There are no registration charges. 

Yes.  We have given the opportunity to REGISTER. REFER. EARN. (Please go through REFER AND EARN FAQ FOR MORE INFORMATION. )

Talenthrone is all about making your work easier. You can contact us on our FACEBOOK AND INSTAGRAM Pages (links to be added). You can also mail us at or Whatsapp/CALL  us on 8239999364.
The candidate will be informed via email and a notification will be sent on his profile on Talenthrone if the recruiter selects the Talent.

Yes,  You can accept offers from multiple people at the same as long as one does not collide with the others. 

Yes, you can register yourself in maximum 5 talent categories. 

Talenthrone is providing the user their Own Personal Space, where they can upload their talent in any format such as audio, video, image, and PDF
You can register yourself once, with one particular number and email id.
  • We are giving you a platform to showcase your talent. 

  • We are providing a medium where the end-users will meet that would help in saving their time and money. 

  • Talenthrone is providing an opportunity to the “finders of the talent” to review the talent and hire them at very low prices. 

  • We are working on connecting with several service providers nation-wide regardless of the place constraints in the country. 

  • Our team is working on different categories to the ensemble as many talents as it can at one platform.

Talenthrone is giving you an opportunity to present your skills on the national platform. Recruiters, who would find your work interesting and up to the mark can appoint you for the project. Talenthrone not only gives you a platform, but also a chance to make your hobby - your career choice.
The candidate will be informed via email and a notification will be sent on his or her profile on Talenthrone, if the recruiter selects him or her for the project.

Yes, you can select multiple talents at the same time.

Yes, you can register yourself in maximum 5 talent categories. 

We all have dreams but  -

  •  you don't have proper resources to fulfill their dreams 

  • cannot leave your place to follow through their passions 

  • do not have source of income

  • cannot come out of financial or family responsibilities 

  • have no idea how to pursue and present yourself 

We are giving you a platform to present what you are good at, and then earn Name, Fame and Money for the same. We support your passion of marking your name and standing up for something different. 

Questions Related to REFER & EARN?

Feel free to ask any question regarding registration and Talenthrone regarding question.

All registered users of TALENTHRONE are the part of this program. Also, you can refer to the new users, the refer and earn policy is not applied to the already registered user.

Step 1 - Login to your Talenthrone Account.

Step 2 – On the Feeds Page, you will see options to Refer Your Friend via email and Mobile Number.

When your friends click on the link, they will be directed to the registration page. The link will lead to Registration page. The user has to register them to be the part of Talenthrone Family. When the user you referred, hires or gets hired, then you’ll get 40% of the Total Amount from us.

Make sure that the Talent or Recruiter you refer has the true potential, so that you get the opportunity to earn more.

You will be able to see the money earned in your Account Settings.
 Our Team is working round the clock, to make your life a little easier but before contacting please check  that –
The TIME – We transfer money at every 5th day of the week. Also, 48 hours must be passed after the project is done.
 Your Balance – Please check your balance and see that if you have received the amount.

Have Any Questions

if you have any query about FAQ please fell free to tell us.