About Us

Welcome to Talenthrone..!

This space is for all those who have a dream that has been either long forgotten or kept in the back of the mind. We are here to make dreams come true. Talenthrone is the right platform for all the people to endorse their passion, work on their hobbies and uniqueness that their talent holds. On this platform, people can be themselves, keep their interests alive, and allure the right audience through their creativity. Live your dreams with us. Talenthrone is an online portal where anybody can exhibit their talent. Be a writer, or bring your nightingale out, show your dance moves or capture the most beautiful moments of life… and then display here..on Talenthrone. A picture, video or audio is all you need to shine, to be a name that is remembered by masses..!!!!! Earn the praise that you deserve and better yet, get the chance to earn money as well… You can be anything that you want to be, this space is limitless for you. We take your passion seriously. It is - Our Will, Your Skill…!!


  1. It’s simple and Free..!!!
  2. Submit your writings, your singing, your dancing, your photography and we will make sure that it reaches to the right people.
  3. Submit in a format. PDF, jpeg, videos, audio and we will display it.
  4. TALENT has no age limit and so...We are open to everyone!!
Getting an opportunity has never been easier than this. With TALENTHRONE you can dare to live your dreams.
“Release Your inhibitions, TALENTHRONE is here for you.”

How Talenthrone works

Log on to Talenthrone website. Submit the basic information about yourself.

Then select the categories that you want to exhibit your talent in.

Upload the file showcasing your talent.


  1. Register yourself on www.talenthrone.com

  2. You will receive a refer code on your registered phone number or mail.

  3. Share talenthrone link along with your unique refer code with your friends. Whenever your friend hires a talent or gets hired, you will receive 40% from our service fee for every project they do on talenthrone for 1 year.